Jan Davies

Jan Davies

Janet Ruth is an experienced and qualified photographer who lives in the mountainous region of Snowdonia National Park, North Wales. She is a member of the Education Workforce Council of Wales and a lecturer of photography in both Further and Higher Education. As a seasoned guide for Wild Photography Holidays she continuously fosters an experiential and inclusive approach when teaching photography. She brings a warm infectious humour to her all of her workshops encouraging thoughtful play, imaginative risk and a willingness to unlearn in order to be authentic, innovative and creative.

Her photographic work is exhibited in a permanent collection for Snowdonia National Park Authority. She is a featured photographer for BBC Country File and Crazy Maker Productions. Commissions and Awards include work for Goldsmiths of London, Golwg, Daily Post, National Trust, Gwynedd CC, Y Lofa, Outdoor Photography, Michel Owen Stables, North Wales Wild life Trust, Rauni Higson Silversmith, and British Wild Life Photography to name a few.