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Photographing the Newly Emerged Geothermal Area at Lake Kleifarvatn

Martin Sammtleben, 18. March 2011

Lake Kleifarvatn is quite a phenomenon. It’s located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in a striking landscape of volcanic origin. It’s a seismologically very active area with beautiful geothermal fields.

Every few years at random intervals the lake’s water level drops dramatically over the course of a few months exposing a geothermal area at the south end. Geologists attribute this to tectonic movements widening the fissures running through the lake.

We went on a calm and clear day to explore. Naturally you get great images of the steam plumes and their reflections in the water and ice set against a deep blue sky. But zooming in on the fumaroles also reveals an astonishing amount of detail, that often goes unnoticed. All it takes is a fast shutter speed to freeze the motion of the drops.
You might get wet though.