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Who Came on Our Recent Iceland Trips

Geraldine Westrupp, 2. March 2013

Ever wondered who your travelling companions might be on one of our trips? Take a look at this gallery to get a bit of a clearer picture…

Nowadays our Iceland trips are almost always full with folks keen to photograph and experience the unique Iceland landscape. Being web based, we reach out to photographers from all over the world. Participants think nothing of travelling from Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Canada and other far flung places on our planet just to join our trips. They come all in shapes, sizes and ages with a slightly higher number of women than men. Although, I have to say, when I check out the various photographic magazines currently on sale I am always a tad dismayed to see how under represented women photographers seem to be in general. We find that women generally make very creative photographers and are not frightened to experiment.

The abilities of our groups range from those just starting out to professional photographers. Here is a gallery of people images that I have taken during our last Iceland workshops, all are taken at our various Iceland locations with different weather and from both autumn 2012 and February 2013 trips.

Thanks for joining us and hope to see you again soon :)