Wild Photography Holidays - Photographic Adventure Travel: Scotland Isle of Mull – Sea Lochs, Wildlife and Waterfalls

Crushed shells

Scotland Isle of Mull – Sea Lochs, Wildlife and Waterfalls

Highlights include…

  • Sea lochs and sandy beaches
  • Piers and abandoned trawlers
  • Spring flower displays
  • Dramatic light
  • Old oak and hazel forests
  • Waterfalls
  • Dawn and dusk shoots
  • Highland cattle
  • Puffins
  • Dramatic cliffs and rock features
  • Superb hospitality
  • Delicious home cooking
  • Light painting.
  • Field studio techniques.


The Isle of Mull in the heart of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, has a wonderfully diverse landscape and wild coastline. In recent years it has become known as the home of sea eagles, dolphins and larger whales. Eco-tourism is popular although it is very easy to leave the crowds behind to find your own wild corner for exploration and photography.

The Island’s ancient volcanic backbone rises to over 900 metres, it is deeply indented by attractive sea lochs. Otters and herons live by the tides, highland cattle graze close by the shores and the atlantic weather never stays the same for long giving a changing light which can be divine.

Temperate rainforest – a rare habitat in world wide terms, is found in a few corners of Mull. Here we find mosses, lichens and liverworts festooning the low, gnarled oaks, no doubt they will be freshly leafed out for our arrival. This is an ideal place to take a deep breath, slow down look and listen more closely. Maybe you will hear the rain slapping on the leaves above? In our book, rain often precedes superb light and an abundance of waterfalls which lure us into damp narrow ravines. Here we encounter peat stained water, spilling, splashing and sparkling it’s way through the verdant surrounds.

Tuition and Photographic Tutors

All our workshops weave tuition into field time, as much or as little as you need or want. We are aware that our guests are individuals and tuition will be given in the areas that are important to individual guest’s photographic development.

Niall Benvie

Niall aims to enhance your understanding of the creative process and your ability to make the images that you want. In addition to important job of covering conventional photographic techniques, Niall may encourage you to try some innovative approaches including landscape deconstruction, light painting and field studio artefact photography. Our guests always benefit photographically from Niall’s many years experience as a creative professional.

Charlotte Benvie

Charlotte is a competent field naturalist and photographer, she will assist in the field as her time permits. However, her main responsibility is to look after our workshop participants. Belonging to the ‘nothing is too much trouble’ school of hospitality, Charlotte is an experienced hostess and professional choclatier who competed quite successfully on Masterchef. You can expect to enjoy some fabulous meals during your stay; with chocolates of course!

Daily itinerary

The daily locations will always depend on the weather. Wind strength, the light and precipitation are all taken into consideration before a location is chosen. Each morning we discuss the day’s itinerary over breakfast. Most locations are easily accessible and require only a short walk. If the fitness of the group allows, we walk to gain some height. We always choose locations that are best suited to the abilities of the group.

Our aim is to catch as many dawns and dusks as possible, although given how close they are at this time of year in Scotland, we may take an occasional day-time nap to keep body and soul together. We will be outside in all but the worst conditions. By the way, May is the start of midge season, make sure you have insect repellent and a head net. Please ask us for advice on the latter. We hope to include the following are locations:


The name takes its name from the splendid white sandy bay which provides a wonderful foreground to the Isle of Iona reknowned for stunning sunsets. This is a lovely area with rock pools and rose granite outcrops.

Loch Scridain

This large sea loch is located on the western coastline of the island of Mull with the mountain Ben More as a backdrop.

Loch na Keal

Our best chance of stalking an otter is here. Charlotte’s a bit of an expert at spotting Otters! The shoreline itself is full of colour and interest.

Carsaig Bay

Here we find big cliffs, an old fishing jetty and dramatic sea arches.

Oak woods

A unique taste of temperate, atlantic rainforest.


Here we find interesting remains of the pier and some abandoned trawlers.

Calgary Bay

This big, dramatic, sandy bay is the location of a shimmering white shell sand beach, craggy headlands and home to a rich variety of birdlife. There are also haunting ruins of stone forts and abandoned villages.


Weather permitting we plan to visit the UK’s best location for photographing puffins. Lunga is one of the Treshnish Isles where guillemots and other sea birds are prolific. The boat journey to the island passes Fingal’s Cave, Staffa. This is a special photographic tour giving us around six hours on the island allowing us to photograph well into the evening.

Eos Fors

A lovely outing near Dervaig to photograph some impressive waterfalls and their surroundings.

Aros Park

This National Park is like a fabulous back garden for the town of Tobermory. An attractive combination of waterfalls, lush ferns and mixed woodland.

Joining Arrangements and Transfers

The workshop starts at the ferry terminal on mainland Oban. We will meet guests here. The closest airports are Glasgow and Edinburgh. There are regular rail services from both cities. Oban is about three hour’s drive from Glasgow. Given that disruption to ferry services can happen at any time of year, it’s wise to plan to arrive in Oban a day before the tour departs.

What’s Included

  • All meals
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Ferry

What’s Not Included

  • Lunga 95 UK pounds for photography tour
  • Personal Insurance
  • Anything not mentioned


We stay in self-catering accommodation giving us a degree of flexibility regarding meal times not offered by a hotel. Killiechronan House near Salen has 3 double rooms, 3 twin rooms and one staff twin room. All rooms have private bathroom facilities. There is Wifi.


Please ensure that any special dietary needs or allergies are indicated on the Wild photography Holidays booking form.