Wild Photography Holidays - Photography & Adventure Travel: Ladakh Expedition 2013

Chinese fishing nets, Cochin Delicate ice sculptures afloat Glacial river Aurora over Vestrahorn

Ladakh Expedition 2013

I first visited Ladakh in the early 90’s to guide one of Ladakh’s highest mountains Stok Kangri 6100 metres. At this time I was fit as a flea and shooting with film! However, capturing the wild landscapes that always blew me away seemed virtually impossible back then; it’s really tricky getting the camera out to be creative whilst puffing uphill with minimum oxygen! Two years ago I revisited Ladakh to guide the same mountain again and to set up our current photographic expedition. Four things came out of this reccy trip, first, the landscapes were still amazing, second that photographing in remote places is easier with new digital technology, third the local people were as friendly and lovely as ever and last, Stok Kangri seemed to have grown somewhat!!

On our 2013 Ladakh photographic expedition we all discovered that photographing Ladakh really well is not for the faint hearted, it is a full on adventure at altitude with lots of early morning sunrises, remote locations, lots of interaction with local people from monks to nomads and wild drives over some of the world’s highest road passes; we all came home with some really fine images. Here are a few of ours to give some idea of what we saw. This year we have two departures, the June departures photographs the Lamayuru Kabyat and the July departure the Korzok Gustor; both truly inspiring and beautiful (Techus) festivals. We are looking forward to taking some remarkable photographs in 2014.

(Images: Martin & Geraldine)