Wild Photography Holidays - Photography & Adventure Travel: Joni & Daryl (USA), Iceland Autumn 2017

Ireland Wild Atlandic Way Lyn Cwellyn, West Snowdonia Landmannalaugar panorama Buddhist monks dancing at a festival

Joni & Daryl (USA), Iceland Autumn 2017

“The information you provided prior to the tour was especially helpful to us in getting ready and being fully prepared for the tour and we appreciate this very much. We are very happy we booked our Iceland tour with your company. It was a wonderful experience and everything printed in your workshop guide was enjoyed, the Northern Lights three times, as well as the extra locations we visited. We were able to go places, down dirt roads, other tour companies would not have been able to go and it was great!

Although we were a little apprehensive about being the only couple on the tour, it turned out to be great for us as our tour guide/professional photographer, Lizzie Shepherd, provided us with a fantastic tour! It was a pleasure to know we were well taken care of with all aspects of the tour. Lizzie kept us going, well past when we thought we wouldn’t survive, in order to get special shots we are very thrilled to have. Lizzie was a delight, and I would not hesitate to say she was an A+ teacher. We are so very thankful you matched us up with Lizzie!!! We want to express our sincere thanks to Lizzie for her wonderful energy, kindness, cheerfulness, patience, photographic skills, and overall fantastic professionalism as our guide during the trip.”