Wild Photography Holidays - Photography & Adventure Travel: Maureen (UK), Celtic Spain 2013

Aurora over Kirkjufell Skúas taking off Roundstone Peat Bog, Connemara Northern lights over Olstind, Reinefjorden

Maureen (UK), Celtic Spain 2013

“A really good small group trip with friendly and inclusive leaders. Lots of photographic help and advice was available for anyone who wished to take it and each participant was treated as an individual at their own level of expertise. We’ve already recommended this company to photographer friends.

The mountainous landscape of the Picos de Europa was stunning. The cable car to 1800m and the walk among high rocky crags, scree slopes, limestone pavements watching rebecos (chamois) and alpine choughs. The walk through the Cares Gorge in beautiful warm sunshine with spectacular limestone rock formations, tall peaks with jagged ridges and trees clinging to the sheer rock. Roaming over open mountain pasture land surrounded by glorious panoramas at Collado da Lesba at 1675m. Delicious picnic lunches!”