Wild Photography Holidays - Photography & Adventure Travel: Martin Sammtleben

Marigold Búðir Church Early morning, Sakrisøy Majuli River Island, Assam

Martin Sammtleben

Martin Sammtleben

Martin trained as a photographer and graphic designer in Aachen and Wuppertal, Germany. In 1994 he came to Iceland for an extended summer holiday and decided to make his home there. He originally built his own business as a graphic designer and photographer, mainly for clients in the architecture and tourism sectors. Martin has practical in-depth knowledge relating to all aspects of photography and many years experience in the closely related fields of print and web publishing.

Increasingly over the years, his love for the raw Iceland landscape have led him to spend more and more time discovering, exploring and photographing in remote locations; his striking images express this landscape in a beautifully simple and abstract way. Martin is the WPH senior photographic tutor. Our guests seem to enjoy the gentle, humorous and practical way that he willingly shares his extensive photographic knowledge both before, during and after the workshops.

His close working relationship with Lightroom Guru George Jardine has contributed to a new standard of excellence in the finished images of our workshop participants.

A creative and imaginative artist himself, Martin has collaborated with a number of other artists, including Icelandic multi-media artist/writer Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson and New York artist Roni Horn; his images have been published in various books and magazines. The majority of images on the Wild Photography Holidays website are the work of Martin and his partner Geraldine Westrupp.

Martin speaks English, German and Icelandic fluently.