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Polina Plotnikova

Polina Plotnikova

They say that a photographer is either picture taker or a picture maker. If so, Polina is firmly in the picture makers’ camp.

Polina is a Russian-born, London-based photographer. Her style developed through her love and knowledge of fine art and art history. She started with building an impressive portfolio of still life and flower photography. This body of work has acquired a lot of attention and got Polina an FRPS and an EFIAP photography distinctions, as well as many national and international photographic awards. Keen interest in travel and landscape photography followed, and throughout all her photographic work, rather than pursuing the “what you see is what you get” approach, Polina is much more interested in chasing an ever-elusive image that appears in a mind’s eye, an image that conveys feelings and emotions, rather than remains a mere statement of fact.

Having mastered the art of digital post-processing, Polina knows its limitations all too well, and is ever so keen to achieve the desired effect in-camera. She is an avid proponent of the Lensbaby family of optics, which help her achieve the translucent, dreamlike quality of her images.

Polina is very much in demand as a tutor; she runs regular workshops covering many aspects of creative photography, including the series organised recently by the Royal Photographic Society.

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